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Metal Base Herma

€12.00 incl tax
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Quick Description

Multipurpose reading stand, book stand and tablet computer for HERMA's unique and multifunctional reading stand. The reading shelf is made of lacquered metal and measures 19cm high when opened, 19.8cm wide and 15.7cm deep. Therefore, it is equally ideal for heavy books, atlases and tablets. Its tilt angle can be adjusted to 5 different positions, making it comfortable for the neck to view a book or tablet computer whether standing at the office, on campus or in the kitchen. For a stable and optimal base, it is equipped with non-slip buttons at the bottom. If it is not needed or needs to be transported, it can be easily folded and stored. Ideal, for example, to give books, tablets, magazines, exercise books, sheet music and cookbooks, in different sizes, the perfect posture and grip. Versatile to use in the office or at home, when traveling, at school, on campus, in the nursery, in the kitchen or at outdoor barbecues and at home on the couch. Dimensions: 19.8 x 19 x 15.7 cm