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TAX RETURNS 2019 - Individuals

€39.00 incl tax
Manufacturer: Epsilon Net
SKU: EPS-002
Delivery date: 3-5 days

Quick Description

Practical Completion Guide for Individuals

Accompanied with an e-book

This book offers the reader the theoretical knownledge, as well as the practical use regarding the taxing of individuals and the completion of files:

• Ε1 

• Ε2

• Ε3 

Its content is fully up to date with the changes for the tax year 2018.
This book is a helpful guide not only for the tax return period, bu also throughout the year as an interpretation and application tool for the Income Tax Code.

The book is accompanied wih a digital edition that will be updated. 

Authors : Χ. ΠΑΥΛΟΥ - Ι. ΓΚΟΥΡΛΙΑΣ  Independent Public Revenue Authority Employees