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Manufacturer: LLP - Informa Publishing
SKU: LLP-009
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Quick Description

Combined Transport Documents provides a comprehensive guide to combined transport or multi-modal contracts. It examines the main contracts that deal with combined transport logically, from those concerned with the procuring of tonnage through to those that deal with general average and salvage. It also focuses on the complicated chains of indemnity particular to multi-member consortium operations and explains in substantial detail a recommended draft bill of lading contract of carriage which the author himself developed.

The author has had a substantial hand in drafting many of the contracts discussed in this book.

This book provides an accessible, practical guide to a complex area of law.

Essential reading for:

  • Lawyers
  • Marine Lawyers
  • Ship Charterers
  • Shipowners
  • Marine Insurers
  • P&I Clubs
  • Academics
  • Students

Contents include:

  • Procuring Tonnage - Charter Party
  • Operating Agreements
  • Slot Charters
  • Container and Containerspace Hiring Agreements (Consortium Operations)
  • Container Leasing and Equipment Handover Agreement (General Operation)
  • Contracts of Carriage (Bill of Lading, Waybills)
  • Standard Trading Conditions
  • General Average and Salvage (Guidance Notes for Consortium Operation)
  • Letters of Indemnity