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This leading work analyses the international carriage of goods by road under the provisions of the CMR Convention Contents include: •Part one of this book provides an up-to-date analysis of the international carriage of goods by road in Europe, the Middle East and east of Russia. •The second part concerns English common law on the carriage of goods within the United Kingdom - the text was expanded in this way to meet the need of both English carriers and also their foreign counterparts.

The ONLY book that is written from the perspective of the claim against the carrierThis book has been updated to include:

    • The following important issues:
    • Causation
    • Unavoidable circumstances
    • Compensation for charges incurred
    • Wilful misconduct
  • Significant decisions of the UK Courts such as Gefco v Mason (1998) on umbrella contracts and in particular the Quantum case (2002) on the vexed issue of disputes arising out of intermodal contracts. Gefco v Mason and Andrea Merzario v Leitner (2001) show the evolution of the Court of Appeal to the interpretation of international Conventions such as CMR.
  • Latest decisions of the highest courts in other jurisdictions including the Bundesgerichtshof in Germany and the Cour de Cassation in France.
  • Part II covers English national law on the carriage of goods by road with references to BIFA Standard Trading Conditions in their 2000 version, as well as the RHA Conditions in there 1998 version.
  • Part II also includes the latest developments in the law of contract and tort including:
    • Good Faith
    • The Limitation Act (Glaister v Greenwood(2001))
    • Conversion (Kuwaiti Airways v Iraqi Airways(2002))
    • In particular there is discussion of the impact of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 on rights of action against the carrier of goods
  • The appendix includes, the text of the CMR annotated

This book is a comprehensive, practical and user-friendly volume that should be on the shelves of all those who are involved with the law and practice of the international carriage of goods by road